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Kyoko Versus Drones by curtsibling
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Kyoko Versus Drones :iconcurtsibling:curtsibling 72 45
Time Warp by jflaxman Time Warp :iconjflaxman:jflaxman 136 48 HANDLETTERINGGggggg g by MyNameIsMad HANDLETTERINGGggggg g :iconmynameismad:MyNameIsMad 1,333 177
5 Career Killers
“Whatever happened to that guy? The guy that drew that thing?  
Sound familiar?
Comic careers are like any other career in entertainment: if you don't stay relevant and adapt to a trend, you'll eventually peak and then bottom out. But there are more things that can help end a career. Here's a list of 5 that I've been thinking about lately.
The creator does something that somehow goes viral, turning his (or her) readers against him. Bad behavior at a convention, sexual harassment online, or a semi-racist Tweet made worse by bumbling attempts to correct it. Or maybe the creator gets blamed for something innocent: innocent comments taken out of context, or involvement in a controversial project that he had no say over. Whatever the case, “social media take-downs” can harm careers, leaving a permanent black mark on your career.
I imagine this one is the most common: no matter how hard you work—and no matter how much a
:iconseangordonmurphy:seangordonmurphy 218 93
Evil Tom Preston - The Answer is... uh, 40-sumthin by eviltomp Evil Tom Preston - The Answer is... uh, 40-sumthin :iconeviltomp:eviltomp 43 21 Evil Tom Preston - Symbadistic by eviltomp Evil Tom Preston - Symbadistic :iconeviltomp:eviltomp 89 86 Occulass And Vivian by Anaugi Occulass And Vivian :iconanaugi:Anaugi 163 428 Art College Roommates - Anne's Clothes by fleacollerindustry Art College Roommates - Anne's Clothes :iconfleacollerindustry:fleacollerindustry 5 3 Evil Tom Preston - QED by eviltomp Evil Tom Preston - QED :iconeviltomp:eviltomp 39 51
Dobson Development!
Our review was finally discovered! Well, I say 'finally', but it didn't really take that long. So in case Dobson decides to sate his curiosity, or if any of his fans find it, OR for you all sitting at the edge of your seats, here's my response.
"Recently I found out that one of the commissions I undertook a while back was, in fact, a setup. It was hired by forum members of Encyclopedia Dramatica, one of whom I actually use to talk to and have good discussions with. They pooled their resources to pay for it, sent me the info and money, and then proceeded to sit back and document everything I did or didn’t do per their highly specific criterias. The user in question then posting a lengthy take-down (though through a disclaimer on the top of the journal it’s clearly not a takedown! lulz!) here on DA."
>>Used to talk to and have good discussions with.
>>Used to.
Yeah, that's the problem
:iconbaconmoose:Baconmoose 7 47
Regular Tom Preston Commission
So as an experiment, a bunch of us decided to commission Regular Tom Preston to do a piece of art for us. $45 and four months later, this was our finished product:
Wait.... four months?? Yep. Well, you can learn the details from Mr. :iconBaconMoose: himself here:
Maybe I should've done the commission myself? Maybe I will... ;)
:iconeviltomp:eviltomp 1 46
Shitty Webcomics
So my recent El Ingenioso Hidalgo Tom Quixote comic made an appearance on the Shitty Webcomics tumblr:
Here's what they had to say about it:
I am both horrified and in awe of the amount of effort and creativity this person has put into calling Dobson a fucking delusional hypocritical simp.. This is some high class, intellectual trolling.
MOD 1:  Wonderous.
Take note, this may prove of use to future scholars. *sips tea*
Haha, I'm glad you guys enjoyed it. I'll crank out more as soon as I can. :)
:iconeviltomp:eviltomp 3 15
Operation: Commission Tom Preston
DISCLAIMER: This is not a call-out journal, it is a legitimate review of a commission experience.
Greetings internet. A majority of you know :icontompreston: Tom Preston/Andrew Dobson as a notoriously obstinate and degenerative artist who likes to argue irrational views and give toxic advice to teenagers on Deviant Art. Back in The Great Giraffe Holocaust of '13 we took note of how he would ask for commissions, then spend hours writing journals and answering comments and possibly erasing invisible giraffes. We told him he should work on his commissions more, and he retorted that we weren't 'his boss' because we hadn't commissioned him.
It's impossible to prove whether or not the secret eraser is himself, his fans, or both, but we could prove he wasn't actually working on commissions. Myself, :IconEvilTomP:, :IconRabbitMaskedMan:, and a few other unhealthily obsessed EDiots devised a plan to pool our money together for a commission. None of us wanted to shell out a full 45 dollars for a
:iconbaconmoose:Baconmoose 74 374
El Ingenioso Hidalgo Tom Quixote - Petition by eviltomp El Ingenioso Hidalgo Tom Quixote - Petition :iconeviltomp:eviltomp 59 65 Evil Tom Preston - Speak For Yourself by eviltomp Evil Tom Preston - Speak For Yourself :iconeviltomp:eviltomp 71 98 Wasteland 002 by Baconmoose Wasteland 002 :iconbaconmoose:Baconmoose 6 1




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